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"If your government doesn’t look like you even to a small extent, it’s hard for your issues and your voices to be brought to the table. The more people we have running for council or being more active in their municipalities the better community we’re able to build."


- Laurabel Mba, Social Activist and Diversity Advocate

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“People bring so many different things from every different background, every different perspective, every different lived experience - that’s where representation at the table makes it stronger. If you have people with only one background, you’re not really going get those different perspectives, you’re not as strong as a team.” 

- Hasan Hai, Activist and Anti-Racism Educator

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"I’m very proud to be the mayor of our Indigenous town. I'm very proud of the leadership we have, and I’m really proud of our citizens because we are so accepting as an inclusive town for people that are Indigenous or non-Indigenous and it’s for all nationalities."


- Tom Rose, Mayor of Stephenville

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"It’s important for people to get on councils and get engaged in your community. If you think that there needs to be a change in something, well get involved and change it. Don't be afraid to get involved and don’t be afraid that because you’re too young, because you’re female, because you have small children, that you can’t do it because in the end, you make it work. You learn a lot and, you know, it opens up worlds. It shows the younger generation what they can do"

- Chalsie Kook -Marche, Mayor Port Au Port West -Aguathuna-Felix Cove

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“We need to be heard. We have issues, we have problems, we have concerns that need to be raised and we are not going to get those raised if we don’t have representation. We cannot continue to do things the way we did fifty years ago. The world is changing, and we need to change with it.”


- Jordan Blackwood, Town Councillor Wabana


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